Built with input Oklahoma city managers and city finance staff, eLedger provides user-friendly, advanced tools to easily  manage every type of financial account for any size town or city.


  • Track asset, liability, expense, fund balance and revenue accounts
  • Maintain chart of accounts with unlimited number of accounts configured to match your accounts
  • Easily segregate and switch between fiscal accounting periods
  • Quickly see all transactions for any account for range of dates
  • Reconcile bank account transactions with ease
  • Add journal entries with large comments area to track reasons for auditors or other purposes
  • See details of all additions and subtractions for any account over any dates range
  • Track cash, check and electronic fund deposits
  • ┬áMultiple users can add/process purchase orders
  • Split PO details between different accounts if needed
  • Start transactions with purchase requests and reuse data for invoice and checks
  • Utilize fast batch payment screen for paying multiple purchase orders
  • Split any receipt of invoice
  • Receipt payments from as many computers as needed at once
  • Print receipts to one printer or many printers
  • Create new fiscal year budget from actual prior year expenses
  • Use three year budget overview to compare prior actual expenses, current and next year’s projected budgets
  • Automated mechanism for posting from eBill utility billing system as many times per day as needed
  • Automated mechanism for posting checks from ePay payroll system as many times per day as needed
  • Use existing account numbering for chart of accounts
  • Save document images of vendor invoices
  • Maintain extensive contact information for vendors with pre-approved bid items and totals spent
  • Use direct deposit for payroll/payroll deduction checks

Simplify and streamline budgeting, general accounting, cashiering and payables for any size town or city!

System Features

  • Fields requiring repetitive data entry use lookup lists with locally generated data
  • Sort and search any list of information by any column
  • Receive updates and new versions as new features and bugs fixed at no extra charge
  • Data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012 database server


  • Get fast, friendly customer support-available by phone or email — always talk to a person when you have a problem
  • Attend free annual training schools/user group meetings
  • Get reduced rate on-site training for new staff
  • Use the included daily offsite backup to ensure your data is always safe


  • Chart of Accounts Report – shows account numbers, name of account, fund and bank account if applicable
  • Monthly Treasurers Report – basic profit/loss statement
  • Trial Balance Report
  • Fund Balance Report
  • Fund Balance Sheet Report – beginning, MTD activity and YTD balance
  • Budget Report – compare actual expenses with budgets for any department
  • List of Receipts – by date or by receipt number range
  • Check Register Report – for any bank account by date or check number range
  • Print checks – for any bank account by date or check number range
  • Bank Account Reconciliation Report with balances and outstanding checks/deposits
  • Daily Deposit Report
  • Print address label for any vendor