Digital records preserve documents as they are today, preventing loss from further use and deterioration. Prevent loss, improve public access and recover precious physical storage space by storing originals in a safe place and using digital copies. Recreating paper books or updating microfilm archives with digitally produced film will preserve physical copies of images with improved quality for decades.

Our services have fast turn-around time with the highest quality in the industry!



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  • On-Site Book Scanning
    Record books are a major source for archival research in cities and counties. Digitizing bound or oversized books can be daunting. Let us help with on-site, non-destructive bound or high-speed loose leaf book scanning services.
  • Photostat restoration 
    Restoring photostats is not simply a matter of reversing the image. Photostats often have hand-written notes, labels, faded text and stains left by incomplete development or over-development. Our exclusive photostat enhancement often produces better documents than the originals.
  • Book Recreation
    Recreate large, unwieldy books to smaller, more easily stored sizes. We can print your recreated books on acid free, archival quality paper that will endure hard use for decades. Protect these valuable assets with custom engraved standard permanent record binders.
  • Film Scanning
    Quality microfilm, microfiche and aperture card scanning produces digital images ready for import into host systems for fast, efficient retrieval.
  • Image enhancements/conversion
    Poor quality originals can become high quality reproductions when processed through our unique document image conversion tools. Recovery of faded text, intelligent reversals, enhancement by region, line/speckle removal, hole removal, image de-skew and cropping are available.
  • Computer generated microfilm
    Sutterfield Technologies uses the latest technology to create high quality microfilm from digital images. COM images are perfectly spaced and crisp with excellent optical resolution.
  • Indexing Services
    Staff experienced in indexing court cases and county public records leverage smart technology to accurately index records. Skilled programming staff provide import and export services from and to many software provider.
  • Software
    For sites with specific image retrieval needs, Sutterfield Technologies provides quality, custom imaging software.


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