Sutterfield Technologies is a close-knit team of skilled technicians with a passion for service. 


Richard Sutterfield – Owner, Programmer, Integration Specialist, Software Support Specialist, Trainer
Having software programming experience for small government offices beginning in the early 1990s, Richard has a wide range of experience developing powerful systems that are easy to use. Integrating imaging capabilities during the early years of digitial imaging industry provided a strong basis for building imaging service bureau tools for processing quality images.

Sally Sutterfield – Owner, Payables
Paying our bills and making sure that everyone has the tools and resources they need to accomplish the work we do for our customers, Sally is an integral team member in our company.

Sarah Brantley – Programmer, software Support Specialist
Beginning with the cemetery management system as her first software project in 2002, Sarah has accumulated an understanding of governmental accounting and office processes that enable her to develop and support complex software systems such as Payroll and General Ledger.

Nathanael Sutterfield – Programmer, Imaging Services Manager, Infrastructure Specialist, Software Support Specialist
With background in managing an imaging service division at a prior employer and with considerable experience in networking and IT infrastructure, Nathanael is a valuable member of the Sutterfield Technologies team. Currently, his primary duties include providing all the IT support for internal operations as well as managing the workflow for our imaging services division.

Talitha Crow – Office Manager, Imaging Specialist, Software Support Specialist
Internal office administration, payroll, HR and website design are among Talitha’s responsibilities. Her versatility allows her to also assist with customer support and imaging services when needed.

Timothy Sutterfield – Road Crew Manager, Imaging Specialist
Logging more miles on the road and more hours on-site, Timothy is experienced in every kind of scanning/imaging service provided by Sutterfield Technologies. He is not only widely experienced, but also has the highest throughput of any person we have ever seen run a scanner (he can actually coax speeds exceeding the manufacturer’s specifications in many instances.)

Bethany Perkins – Conversion Programmer, Imaging Specialist
Processing thousands of images daily, Bethany handles the imaging conversion and enhancement processes for digital images. She is also adept at preparing index data and importing that data and the associated images into customer systems.

Hope Sutterfield – Software Support Specialist, Trainer
Primarily providing support for municipal software customers, Hope’s is the cheerful voice most customers hear on the other end of the telephone line when there is a need for customer support. Hope frequently is the face of our company at training events or conferences.

Daniel Sutterfield – Imaging Specialist
Either on the road or in-house, Daniel is responsible for the initial scanning of images of all sorts. Proficient in high speed scanning, large format scanning and bound book scanning, he will commonly be found in a courthouse in Oklahoma, Texas or Arkansas.

Layla Brantley – Office Mascot
You may hear Layla in the background when you call us. She is the young daughter of Sarah and is often in our office, providing entertainment and laughter.

Sutterfield Technologies also has a team of local, temporary staff and other support personnel who help us scan and index customer records when there is more to do than our full time team can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time.