Document Recreation/Archival

After a record has been scanned, it can be reprinted to create new books. Records are printed on archival quality paper and can be printed on smaller size paper, reducing the size of the book by up to half of the original to create more shelf space. Original books may be placed in storage to protect them from daily handling. Digital records can be archived to microfilm or other digital media, preserving the document as it is today. Microfilm can be easily stored off site as assurance against a disaster.

Book Recreation

  • Acid Free Archival Paper
  • Standard size pages from 8.5×11 to 11×17
  • Custom size paper available on request
  • Archival grade record binders
  • Custom internal dividers

Microfilm Creation

  • Computer output microfilm (COM) film creation
  • 16 or 35 MM available
  • Created at our in-house Fuji certified processing center and labeled to customer specifications