Easy to use payroll integrated with general ledger

System features

  • Easily run payroll for one to hundreds of employees
  • Maintain separate payroll batches for running payroll for any period of time — weekly, bi-monthly, 26 times per year, quarterly, one-time or any period you need
  • Fully configurable deductions
  • Track of sick/vacation/comp time
  • Track history of changes to filing status and exemptions
  • Save time by copying from an existing employee when setting up a new employee
  • Direct deposit output file
  • Scan and store employee information
  • Annual tax table updates included with licensing
  • Integrated with eLedger
  • Print insurance and retirement checks with each payroll or hold to print monthly
  • Configurable to allow payment directly from each fund, or from a pooled cash payroll fund with expenses posting to other appropriate funds


  • Updates are available as new features and bug fixes become available, no additional charges for upgrades
  • Fast, friendly customer support — available by phone or email — always talk to a person when you have a problem
  • ┬áDaily off-site backup included in annual pricing


The following reports and many others are part of the ePay system

  • Compensation and hours
  • Deductions
  • Federal Report to easily fill out quarterly 941
  • Retirement
  • Sick, Vacation and Comp Time
  • Pay Stub
  • W2