Used by over 100 sites in Oklahoma, ePay combines the power of modern technology, ease of use and friendly customer support.

System features

  • Easily run payroll for one to hundreds of employees
  • Maintain separate payroll batches for running payroll for any period of time — weekly, bi-monthly, 26 times per year, quarterly, one-time or any period you need
  • Fully configurable deductions — taxable/non-taxable, matched/not matched, pre-tax/after tax
  • Payroll and matching can come from different funds
  • Configure deductions for every payroll or once per month
  • Batch entry of sick/vacation/comp time
  • Delete a payroll batch if needed (undelete also)
  • Track history of all changes to amounts, deductions and exemptions for all employees
  • Merge employee master records and detail
  • Save time and effort by copying employee master records when setting up a new employee
  • Review the last three payrolls on a single screen and review all previous payroll batches when needed
  • Power users can enter data without using the mouse– Use unique smart data entry such as single key stroke entry of dates and fast selection of often used parties
  • Direct deposit output file for supported banks
  • Integrated document imaging for employees and vendors
  • Tax table updates included in annual licensing


  • Updates are available as new features and bug fixes become available, no additional charges for upgrades
  • Fast, friendly customer support — available by phone or email — always talk to a person when you have a problem
  • ┬áDaily off-site backup included in annual pricing


The following reports are part of the ePay system and generally can be printed for any dates range

  • Payroll verification report
  • Employee List for Payroll Batch
  • Wage Sheet — with gross pay, deductions, matching and net pay — per employee or for all
  • Section 125 Report — shows section 125 compensation for all employees
  • Deduction List for Payroll Batch — by pay code or all
  • Federal Report — taxable wages, taxes, employee and employer portions
  • Matching Report — source for all checks issued from payroll — for both employee and employer portions
  • 941 Report — taxable income and taxes for all employees along with total monthly breakdown
  • OMRF Report — employer and employee totals
  • Workers Compensation Report
  • EEOC Reports — Verfification, New Employee Verification, by Race, Gender, Full/Part Time
  • Unemployment Verification Report
  • W2 Report — summary of what’s reports to IRS/OTC
  • W2 — fill in the blank standard laser/dot matrix forms
  • OESC Unemployment Quarterly Contribution Report
  • Pay Code Report — summary for employees/any pay code
  • W4 Summary
  • Employee Summary Report — show current configuration and change history (deductions, exemptions, etc)
  • Sick, Vacation, Comp Time Report — show all accruals and uses of sick, vacation and comp time per employee
  • Pay Code Configuration Report — shows all pay codes with pay code type
  • Pay Code Max Amount Report — show all instances of a pay code exceeding any amount for any date range
  • Print envelopes for every employee at payroll run time
  • Print Label/Envelope for any vendor
  • Customized, detailed pay stubs included
  • Print comments on all pay stubs