A streamlined billing solution for utility services, eBill is easy to use for maintaining utility accounts, generating billing statements, tracking the payment process and managing service initiation and disconnections.


  • Easily locate accounts by customer, mail address, service address, account number or meter number
  • See complete account summary information on a single screen with easy access to details as needed
  • Easily establish a new account at an existing address
  • Use any number of fixed rate or tiered rate bill codes per account
  • Bill codes are very simple to set up or change when needed
  • Support multiple meters per account
  • Rapid manual batch entry for meter readings
  • Integrate with auto meter reading systems or devices
  • Meter read entries are checked for common mistakes – extra digit, outside normal range, etc
  • Any account may be marked to be permanently exempt from penalties or late fees
  • Any bill can be marked to be exempt from penalties or late fees for a single bill cycle
  • Batch receipt entry for processing mail payments
  • Accept payments by phone or on the internet with credit cards, 24/7 at no cost to you
  • Create direct bank draft output file to generate payments through your financial institution
  • Create service orders for connection, disconnection or any other type of service call
  • Track service calls for each account/service address
  • Print custom notes on all bills or a single bill when printing statements
  • Averaged customer billing
  • Integrated with eLedger

Efficiently maintain fixed and tiered rate billing services for any number of accounts.


  • Data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Updates are available as new features and bug fixes become available at no additional charge


  • Fast, friendly customer support – available by phone or email – always talk to a person when you have a problem
  • Free annual training conferences and user group meetings
  • Daily off-site backup included in annual pricing


  • Account Bill Code Report – print account information for all accounts using a specific bill code
  • Customer History
  • Statement Journal – shows bill run information prior to actual bill run
  • Utility Deposits Report – shows all deposit liability
  • Full Account Index
  • Accounts with Credits – shows all overpaid accounts
  • Inactive Accounts with Balance Due
  • Aging Reports – shows account delinquency
  • Outliers Report – shows bill that are outside of normal parameters
  • Zip Code Report – statistical report of statements per zip code
  • Daily Deposit Reports – by cashier
  • Transfer Journal Report – shows total amounts per bill code, per deposit
  • Statement Totals – usage and other information for date range