Indexing Services

We work with each customer to determine their customized indexing needs, based on the most useful information for the county, software requirements, and county budget. Index information is provided in the format specified by your software vendor for importing into your software. The index data can also be provided in a searchable Excel Spreadsheet with links to the images.
Land records may be indexed using very basic information such as book, page and instrument number, or they may be indexed completely using all of the information below, or any place between, depending on the needs of your county.

Land Records Indexing

  • Book and Page – When images are indexed by page number, duplicate and missing pages are identified and noted.
  • Instrument Number
  • Dates – File date and instrument date
  • Names – Grantor and Grantee
  • Document Type
  • Referenced Documents
  • Legal Descriptions – Section, township, range, and quarter sections, or addition, block, and lot

Court Case Indexing

  • Case Type
  • Case Year
  • Case Number
  • Defendants
  • Plaintiffs