Imaging Conversion/Enhancement

During an automated conversion, a skilled technician evaluates each project and programs the best conversion to turn large grayscale or color scans to clean, black and white images that are small and easily printed. Each conversion is different and as much automation as possible is included at this stage to automatically produce the very best images possible.

Automatic Conversion can be followed up with a more intense manual enhancement for photostats, low quality, special oddities, or problem pages. Restoring photostats is not simply a matter of reversing the image. Photostats often have hand-written notes, labels, faded text or stains left by incomplete development or over-development. Non-photostat areas are often inside the photostat, requiring manual inversion. Non-photostat images can also be manually enhanced using the same tools we use on photostats.

Automated Conversion

  • Customized Conversion for Each Project
  • Automated Deskew
  • Automated Line Removal
  • Automated Cropping of Overscan

Manual Restoration/Enhancement

  • Manual Image Cropping
  • Manual Line Removal
  • Manual Area Inversion
  • Manual Area Enhancement of Signatures and Light Information
  • Manual Area Cleaning
  • Folio Pages “Stitched Together” Digitally into One Image