Imaging Services

Digital records preserve documents as they are today, preventing loss from further use and deterioration. Improve public access and recover precious physical storage space by storing originals in a safe place and using digital copies. Recreating paper books or updating microfilm archives with digitally produced film will preserve physical copies of images with improved quality for decades.

Book Preservation

  • Record deterioration is a battle that any county officials faces. Over time handling, acid, light, moisture, and temperature all play a role in degradation of records. You may notice this with loosening of the binding, pages separating from records, or discoloration and brittleness of the pages.
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Indexing Services

  • As offices have embraced computer technology, document images have become a standard component of the software systems used in those offices. While the day to day work in those offices allow staff to easily add document images for their on-going work, scanning and indexing the documents that pre-date computerization into systems can be a daunting task. Our image service options include indexing for any type of records.
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Scanning Services

  • Physical records are a major source of research in counties. Digital records allow for fast and easy retrieval. Records can be relocated to a safe location, freeing up valuable space and preserving original records.
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Imaging Conversion/Enhancement

  • Our Imaging Enhancement is two-fold, starting with a powerful automated conversion on all scanning, with an option to follow up with manual restoration and enhancement. Our exclusive enhancement process often produces better documents than the originals.
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Document Recreation/Archival

  • While digital records are excellent for preservation, sometimes physical copies are still a must. Recreating books or archiving records to microfilm are both effective ways to protect and preserve original documents.
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Final Delivery Format

  • A vital component of any imaging project is how the product is delivered. We have worked with dozens of software system providers and many counties to deliver projects in a format most easily imported by vendors or accessed by customers.
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